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Billy - The joker of the pack

Billy The first time I held Billy he was 5 weeks old and like picking up a house brick. His breeder came recommended to me and he is of the Macwatt Boxer line. He had a wonderful puppy temperament and a typical boxer fun filled character. He is the joker of my pack. I have studied Boxers from afar for many years always knowing that one day I would be the proud owner of one. Again taking on another demanding breed was well thought out and planned.

Having bought a house with the space and land to house such a dog, Billy bowled himself into my life, he is big, bouncy and beautiful. Billy is the light in my life and I hope you enjoy these few pictures of him growing up.

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Billy - 5 weeks old Billy - 8 weeks old Billy - 4 Months old Billy - 6 Months old Billy - Present Day
5 weeks old 8 weeks old 4 months old 6 months old Present Day