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Grooming of puppies

It is important to get your puppy used to being groomed as early as possible even if he/she may not need it yet. It will help your young one into a routine of being handled. Young puppies are welcome and their confidence should be built up over a series of sessions. On the first visit they are invited to just come along and socialise themselves with the surroundings, sights, smells and sounds of my studio. On their second visit the puppy will be placed reassuringly on the grooming table for 2 minutes and gently brushed and praised, I would practise at regular intervals over a couple of hours, eyes, ears and feet will also be touched just to introduce puppy to being handled or examined. Lastly puppy will be placed in the bath and praised but not actually bathed. These two introductory visits are completely free of charge and only on the third visit will puppy be bathed using only mild shampoo if under six months old. Only very minimal trimming is applied on puppies if the coat requires it.